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Universal Decentralised login

The Pearl Universal Decentralized Login is linked to a unique cryptographic seed. With this seed, users are able to access and to restore all the data connected to their protected browsing space, including their specific configurations, profiles, wallets, etc.

Decentralized Storage

The only ultimate guarantee that a browser can provide to its users for complete data privacy is to do it by design. Pearl Browser is the only web browser that is based on serverless technology.

Use of decentralised name server resolution

Through Pearl, users have direct access to decentralized DNS automation, without even the need to have an intermediary in between. Pearl accesses the blockchain and resolves the name of that domain absolutely independently while accessing decentralized Top Level Domains names.

Multicurrency wallet

A jewel of innovation and unique in practicality, it allows management of several cryptocurrencies, tokens, fiat currencies and other decentralized assets, it’s quick and easy to use.

Support for DAPPS

Users navigating on Pearl just type the Dapps URL on the Pearl Search Bar. The specific Dapps will then immediately run and execute like a normal App. The URL is directly connected through Pearl API with the address of the Dapps smart contract.

One click payment

Pearl One-Click-Payment enables faster Web 3.0 execution through its API’s available to the shoppers which manage transactions through the various Blockchain Network Platforms integrated, in a totally intuitive and secured environment, avoiding data insert repetition and exposures for the users.

Multi Protocol Engine (MPE)

Accessing and transacting on ALL major Blockchain Networks and Dapps, is now possible. Pearl MPE relies on a standard engine platform and related API’s integration that manage the communication flow with all Blockchain Networks various protocols.

Retro compatibility with web 2.0

What makes Pearl a top-notch product is also its innovative backward compatibility feature, which allows the transition to the new Web 3.0. Herein lies the bridge to the new Web 3.0, giving the user the possibility to surf all three generations of the Web.


With all these features Pearl Browser it is helping you to browse in a more secure way. You control your data; you have your keys and you don’t use a centralized system owned by others.

Amazing UX

You are maintaining a simple and familiar way to browse gaining all the features we explained.

Self Sovereign Identity

Using the NFT Token technology, Pearl enables its users to manage their own Digital Identity thanks to Pearl decentralized peer-to-peer technology. Pearl NFT tokens certify the digital identities data by the temper-proof Blockchain Technology.


Traspose traditional media
Olny company create content
On demand interaction
45 milion users

WEB 1.0


Everyone create contents
Highly interactive
2+ bilion users

APPs 2.0

Imminent Future

Involves Assets and automatize
Involves devices and AI
Contant and continuos interaction
Trilions of users / machines

DAPPs 3.0

Market growth
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